The Female Buddha: Women of Enlightenment in  Tibetan Mysticism

September 15, 2002-February 16, 2003
June 12-August 24, 2003

Female BuddhaOUMA launched the Year of Asia, a year of celebration of the art and culture of Asia, with this magnificent exhibition, which brought together a selection of works from the collection of Shelley and Donald Rubin.

The Rubin Collection in its entirety is thought to be the largest collection of Tibetan art outside of Tibet. Donald Rubin, a 1956 Oglethorpe University alumnus, and his wife Shelley, had never before made these works available for exhibition. Nor has an exhibition with this thematic focus ever been presented in the United States. Atlantans and world visitors were able to explore more fully the ancient and ongoing traditions of “The Land Above the Clouds” through related programming, including the construction of a Female Buddha Sita Tara Sand and Mandala by Tibetan monks, and an outstanding exhibition lecture series.

The full color exhibition catalog was written by exhibition curator Glenn H. Mullin, world renowned scholar of Tibetan culture and student of the Dalai Lama.