The Oglethorpe University Museum of Art is breaking new ground with its bi-semester exhibition series, “Oglethorpe’s Own” featuring exhibits created and curated entirely by Oglethorpe students.

Jenni Velasquez '26 in her exhibit

Jenni Velasquez ’26 with her exhibit, the inaugural Oglethorpe’s Own exhibition.

One of the key objectives of “Oglethorpe’s Own” is to offer valuable professional development opportunities within the museum field. The selected student artist is not simply a participant; they become an integral part of the exhibition creation process. From conceptualization to execution, students gain practical skills in exhibition preparation, including installation, layout, and framing.

The series, by design, instills a sense of ownership among the student artists. Beyond the exhibition itself, students actively contribute to the curation process, ensuring their voices are heard and their perspectives are valued.




“Dans I’attente” 2024, Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

“Dans I’attente” 2024, Oil
on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

Oglethorpe’s Own: Ilissa McGowin ’24

March 7 – August 11, 2024

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