Irene K. Miller, Blink Again, 2013, monotype/collage, framed 36" x 22"

Irene K. Miller, Blink Again, 2013, monotype/collage, framed 36″ x 22″


The Crossing Over of
Art & Science

March 22-May 4, 2014

OPTIC CHIASM, an exhibition exploring the art of vision and science of sight, presents art by Irene K. Miller, Kenn Kotara, Allan Eddy, Marcia R. Cohen, and Lisa Solomon, contemporary artists working in a variety of media, all of whom are inspired, influenced, driven and focused by and about issues of vision.

Also on view are the results of research in vision/optics by scientists affiliated with area institutions, including the Atlanta Veterans Administration Medical Center, Emory University, Georgia Health Sciences University, Georgia Regents University and Medical Center, and the Medical College of Georgia.

In addition, a Camera Obscura and handheld pinhole cameras will allow visitors the opportunity for hands-on learning about the exhibition’s concepts.

Partner MOPTIC CHIASM is presented as a joint venture with the Atlanta Science Tavern and the Atlanta Science Festival. This exhibition is organized by co-curators Nancy Lowe, director, Symbiosis Art + Science Alliance; Nicole Gerardo, assistant professor, Emory University, Department of Biology; and Elizabeth Peterson, director, OUMA.


Michael Stanley, Georgia Regents University Medical Center
Machelle Pardue, Atlanta Veterans Administration Medical Center
Bill Andrews, Georgia Regents University
Harry Aung, Atlanta Veterans Administration Medical Center
Megan Prunty, Atlanta VA Medical Center and Emory University
Jacob Light, Emory University and Atlanta VA Medical Center
William J. Stenstrom, Medical College of Georgia
Gerald P. Hodge, University of Michigan
David J. Mascaro, Medical College of Georgia
William M. Winn, Georgia Regents University
Craig Luce
Joshua Bird, Georgia Health Sciences University and Journal of the American Medical Association

Special Thanks
Carolyn Bertling, Georgia Regents Medical Center
Julian Nussbaum, Medical College of Georgia