Yale University’s The Art of Public Health

Yale University’s The Art of Public Health 2020-03-02T09:21:37-05:00

Yale 1Yale University’s The Art of Public Health

March 19 – April 24, 2016

Students from the Yale School of Public Health merged their scientific skills with the creative talents of their peers at the Yale School of Art to create a collection of original posters designed to provoke awareness, stimulate thought, and change behavior on pressing issues such as obesity, breast cancer screening, self-respect, the dangers of concussions, child abuse, early signs of autism, skin cancer and other issues.

This multi-year collaborative project combining public health and graphic design was organized by Catherine Weikart Yeckel, MS, PhD., Assoc. Res. Sci/ Lecturer of the Yale School of Medicine/ Yale School of Public Health, Henk van Assen, Senior Critic, and Julian Bittiner, Critic, with the Yale University School of Art.

Several lectures will accompany this exhibition.