Louise Germain: Courtyard


Courtyard, c. 1905
Louise Germain
French, 1874-1939
Oil on canvas

The Evolution of Louise Germain:”She could have remained in the traditions of the school of which she would have been one of the young glories. There she would have found fortune, confirmation, success. But, she saw with her sincere eyes the sunlight farmyard, the beautiful white dogs and beasts of shimmering fur, the roosters dressed in jewels like the princesses of legend; the trees who clothe themselves in a ruddy purple taffeta robe for the love of the birds and the flowers who cover themselves with precious stones to please the butterflies and bees; and henceforth escaped from the morose academy of ‘French artists’ where her genius was stifled, she let her drunken soul sing.”

Jean de Beaumont, 1907 From Les Petits Maitres d’Aix a la Belle Epoque Translation by Alicia Curtis
Private collection of Michele Bechtell and Edward Fritzi

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