"Landscape" by Jaziba Bahri '23

Jaziba Bahri
Biology, class of 2023

I have always derived joy from creating art; the process of developing and experimenting with techniques and compositions across different mediums is very fulfilling, even if it can be difficult. I primarily draw and paint in a realistic or anime style, and also enjoy including decorative designs or patterns in my works. For the most part, I create artwork just to make myself and/or other people happy when they see the finished result. However, art is also a form of communication for me when words do not express enough. I love using art for writing and storytelling, and aim to try to find ways to better breathe life into worlds that would otherwise only exist in my imagination.

I currently plan on going into medical and/or scientific illustration to pursue my interests in both the arts and sciences. However, I would also like to continue making art as a hobby through creating comics, illustrations, and animations for personal projects and stories.