Promesas de Papel/ Paper Promises: Maria Cristina Tavera

Promesas de Papel/ Paper Promises: Maria Cristina Tavera 2020-07-07T15:21:47-04:00
Maria Cristina Tavera - Paper Promises

Image credit: Maria Cristina Tavera, Promesas de Papel / Paper Promises, 2020, Woodcut, Collection of the Artist

October 9 – December 20, 2020

When OUMA curators first encountered the prints and sculptural installations of Tina Tavera in early 2019, with its savvy combination of pop culture, art history, ethnicity and politics, the artists’s location in Minneapolis was incidental to the curatorial process.

Then there was a shift. The police brutality that took the life of an African American man, George Floyd, occurred just a few blocks away from the artist’s home. At the epicenter of a tidal wave of protest, unrest and support, Tavera and her Latinx, Black and white neighbors looked to turn anguish in to action. They kept a neighborhood watch and helped the community by distributing food. Once Tavera was able to reflect on this experience and her perspective, she began to create. Several of her newest works of art are included in this exhibition.

“Maria Cristina ‘Tina’ Tavera is a Latinx artist, independent curator and activist influence by her transnational upbringing between Minnesota and Mexico. As an artist, she creates complex compositions with historical and contemporary images to investigate constructions of race, ethnicity, gender, national and cultural identities. The visual imagery is appropriated from Latin American legends, commercial packaging, the media, politics, comics, maps, currency, graffiti and games. Tavera’s art is often humorous and yet simultaneously confronts the dark legacy and pervasive effects of colonialism and racism in the Americas.”

-Artist’s Website,



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